30 Must Do Marketing Activities Checklist

For a practice to be successful it’s essential that you implement a marketing plan using  proven strategies. We have spoken with industry experts and leading advisors to come up with the top 30 Marketing Must Do’s:

  1. Define Your Target Markets & Ideal Client
  2. Define Specific Marketing Budget: Monthly/Quarterly/Annually
  3. Create Feed Name Database to track prospects/referrals
  4. Obtain Prospect & COI lists from Direct Mail Programs
  5. Create a Prospect & COI prospecting strategy
  6. Send a Self-Mailed Personalized Brochure of the Services You can Provide to Prospects & COIs
  7. Create your 15-Second Commercial
  8. Set-up your Personalized Web Site
  9. Setup your compliance approved Social Media profiles (i.e. Linkedin, FaceBook, etc…)
  10. Promote your website in local directories (Professional Association, Chamber of Commerce) and Online Yellow Pages (Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL)
  11. Work with“A+/A” Clients to Develop Real Life Testimonials
  12. Update your mail signature with proven message, format, licenses/designations, contact information,etc…
  13. Build credibility using compliance approved Reprints
  14. Choose a Newsletter appropriate for your target audience
  15. Develop a local advertising campaign with print, radio, television and billboard options
  16. Announce accomplishments with “PressReleases”
  17. Place compliance Pre-Approved articles in targeted publications
  18. Secure endorsed seminar opportunities
  19. Use appropriate promotional gifts (leverage Wholesaler support)
  20. Choose sponsorships with Wholesalers aligned with your target market
  21. Develop a Client Advisory Council to help you build a stronger business
  22. Setup aCOI/Client Referral ThankYou Program
  23. Stay in touch with handwritten Notes
  24. Remember clients with Birthday/Holiday Gifts/Cards
  25. Build client and COI relationships with Seasonal Events
  26. Build Relationships with non-business COI, client & spouse focused Events/Entertainment
  27. Provide Value Added Education with Systematic Newsletters via email
  28. Hold Annual Reviews to update any changes in your clients plans
  29. Develop a Cross-Selling Campaign amongst existing clients
  30. Create a formalized cross referral strategy with existing COIs

Download our 30 Must Do Marketing Activities Checklist and contact us if you need help with these.